Semen Lukansi’s works depict the rich heritage and culture of Sakha people and the ascetic Siberian nature. His art captures their uniqueness, offering the viewers fascinating images of the northern lands. All of his creations are very succinct, evoke deep feelings, and reflect the great love of the artist for his motherland.

Paintings of this northern master take us on a journey into a world where the traditions and customs of ancestors are still preserved and where people still remember their history and culture. His works remind these people of their past and their origin. The beautiful imagery in his works has a sacred meaning rooted in the ethnic identity and spiritual essence.

In each of his paintings, Semen Lukansi focuses the viewer’s attention on the uniqueness of northern people and the world in which they live. This idea is very personal for the artist who presents it in a surprisingly aesthetic and non-trivial way, opening the unknown world of the North to anyone who is ready to be inspired.

His works are mainly executed in a decorative style supplemented by creative findings of the artist, who forms his own inimitable vision. Rich colouring based on a finely organised colour spectrum and surface textures make Lukansi’s works very captivating visually.

Semen Lukansi works mainly with oil paints and canvas. He also experiments with sculptures from wood and metal.